Figma-The Web Designing

Everything in one place

Figma is the first interface design tool based in the browser, making it easier for teams to create software.
Never upload, download, or worry about versions again
Present and prototype in the same tool where you design
One single source of truth for design files.

Tap the power of mobile

Mirror designs to mobile with live device preview
Interact with prototypes on mobile for more reliable user testing
Drive the presentation of designs effortlessly from your phone.

Empower your team

Remove the friction of working together so you can get more done.
Engineers can inspect, export, and copy CSS, iOS, and Android code
Give marketing the ability to edit copy
Quickly communicate ideas by sharing interactive prototypes with a link.

Design Programmatically

All of the tools you need to create dynamic, digital products.
Design responsively with constraints and grids
Build cross-team design systems
Export SVG and CSS directly from design files.
Stay in one tool for your design, prototyping and communication.
Easily move between design and prototyping without syncing or exporting
Simply send a link to share get quick feedback on prototypes
Keep all feedback, changes and updates constantly in sync.

Powerful editing tools
Fast and powerful, Figma has the tools you need to get your work done.
Vector networks that reimagined how the pen tool should work
Precise, easy to use boolean operations, gradients and fills
60fps interactive editing with crisp, pixel-perfect previews and exports.
Built for UI
A better way to create digital products.
With constraints, designs adapt when the screen size changes
Layout grids give you more granular control over constraints
Components allow you to reuse elements across your designs.

Feature by feature

  • Crop, Fit and Fill Modes
  • Non-destructive Boolean Operations
  • Optimized Performance
  • Comprehensive Export
  • Sketch Import
  • Pixel Preview
  • Smart Guides
  • Vector Networks
  • Constraints
  • Components
  • Layout Grids
  • Live Device Preview
  • Masks
  • Advanced Text Options

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